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Master Cleansing (also known as Shankh Prakshalan)


This is a very strong purification technique as it cleans the complete elementary canal (from the mouth to the anus).



- To alleviate digestive problems such as indigestion, gases, acidity, constipation and bad breath.

- Prevent urine infection and formation of stones.

- Beneficial in treatment of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, allergies, skin diseases, asthma, pimples, sinusitis.

- Immune system is strengthened and helps tone the liver.

Entire pranic body is recharged, blockages from nadis are removed. All chakras are purified.

- Improve blood circulation.

- Helps in weight control.

- Increase awareness and consciousness of body and mind.





Do not practice if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnancy, menstruation, strokes, stomach ulcer, colitis (inflammation of colon), serious gastric, weak person or never practice yoga, age below 16 or above 60.


Pre-requisites of the practice

- One should has recent yoga experience under a competence guru for at least 4 hours (4 classes) before taking this practice.

- Proper yoga clothing, yoga mat, blanket (to cover the body), small towel to wipe off the sweat, lemons, salt and lukewarm water.

- How to prepare lemon juices? (One needs at least 4800ml of lemon juices on the day of practice) One moderate size of lemon mix with 1litre of lukewarm water and a small tablespoon (10 grams) of salt. On average, 4 -5 lemons required. One may add a little more lemon or salt to this mixture as per one’s taste. In any case, care should be taken not to make it too sour or salty.

- Stamina: To prevent the practice left in the midst due to exhaustion of the body, these postures should be practice according to the schedule given below:


1st day : 1 round

2nd day: 2 rounds

3rd day: 4 rounds

4th day: 6 rounds

5th day: 8 rounds

6th day: 10 – 12 rounds and above

7th day: Master cleansing


- One should takes light dinner on the previous day not later than 8pm. Nothing should be taken in the morning of the practice.

- Preparation of foods to be taken on the day after the practice: Rice with sufficient pure ghee for 2 meals. Use more water than usual to cook rice, so that it becomes semi liquid. The rice should be served hot. About 100ml pure ghee should be taken along with rice.


Why pure ghee? Act as a lubricant to coat the intestine walls, which has been washed out by the practice, until the body produces new lining.

Read more about ghee


Why Rice? Will provide packing material (carbohydrate) which will create mucus and protect inner lining of digestive system. Even if you don’t feel hungry after the practice, sufficient rice must be eaten to reline the intestine and keep the wall of the guts (intestines) stretched otherwise they may cramp due to the absence of the bulk.


Precautions on the day:

- 45 minutes shavasana (rest pose) or Yoga Nidra after completing the practice is a MUST, to facilitate the digestive system to resume its function. SLEEP during shavasana is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as it may result in cold, fever or headache.

- After shavasana, the time interval for the first meal is 1.5 hours. Avoid water or other fluids for 2 hours after the first meal to protect the layer which is being reproduced on stomach and intestine.

- Take second meal at about 6 hours after the first meal. The stomach must filled to its capacity at both meals even there is no hunger.

- Normal foods resume in the next day of practice, except for those prohibited as mention below.

- Avoid cold liquid and air- condition on the day. Body must be keep warm to prevent chills and fever. Cover the body with blanket if necessary.

- Avoid hardwork and housework on that day. Also avoid journey, hot sun exposure, sitting near fire, any form of exercise and mental stress.

- Avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, all chemically processed, non vegetarian, and spicy foods for at least a week.

- Avoid all fruits especially acidic fruits such as oranges, pineapples, grape fruits, milk and milk products for 3 days.


Steps of Master Cleansing

- The practice should be started between 6 and 7 a.m. When one completed first round (the 6 asanas), he should take a glass (400ml) of prepared lemon. After that, he should continue for the second round of same asanas in the same way. Upon completing second round, take second  glass of lemon. This way he should continue the practice.

- Normally one will feel like easing themselves after taking four glasses of lemon. If this is the case, he should leave the practice , answer the call of nature and then resume the practice.

- For those who do not have the urge, he should continue the practice.

- After passing stools for first time, one will get easing himself more quickly.

- The initial stools is solid or hard, but afterwards it goes on getting more and more liquid and in the end, it is nothing but water.

- When one has four such watery motions, one should stops practice and drink. Do not exceed the point beyond which almost clear water is being passed.

- On an average one should drink at least 12 glasses of lemon and passing stools at least 6 times. If one feel full of drinking in the midst of practice, he can drink one glass for the practice of 2 rounds.

- Shavasana should be performed immediately after the practice. If again there is the feeling of easing oneself during shavasana, one should go ahead.

- The loose motions will stop if one performs shavasana properly. Else, the loose motions will continue and it will become necessary to go for medical treatment.


The 6 asanas:


1.     Tadasana (mountain pose)

(a)  Stand erect keeping the distance of feet about shoulder’s width.

(b)  Raise up both hand overhead, keeping upper arms by the ears, fingers cross with palms facing to the sky.

(c ) Inhale, stand on toes and stretch the entire body upwards.

(d) Then, exhale and step your entire feet on the ground.

(e) This is only one time. Repeat in the same way for 6 times. Afterwards, get back to position (b) and proceed to the next asana.


2.     Tiryak Tadasana (Swaying mountain pose)

(a) Without moving in the position of 1(e), take an inhale. When exhale, slowly lean to the right as far as possible.

(b) Inhale, come back to center.

(c) Next exhale, lean to the left.

(d) This is 2 times. Repeat for 6 times in total (each side 3 times)

(e) Upon completing, go back to the position in (b), then exhale, release your palms and return to 1(a).


3.     Katichakrasana (Waist twisting pose)

(a) Stand erect as in 2(e), uplift both hands to shoulder’s height.

(b) Inhale, bend the right arm in the elbow put it on the left shoulder via the chest. Next, bending the left arm in the elbow, cover the backside of the waist and keep the palm on the right side of the waist.

(c) Exhale, make a circular twist to the left together with the head and upper body.

(d) Inhale, get back to the position in 3(a) while exhale, do the same for the opposite side.

(e) This is only 2 times. Repeat for totally 6 times.


4.     Udarakarshana (Abdominal stretch pose)

(a) Squat on the ground with the soles of the feet touch the ground and legs bent in the knees. The distance of feet is about hip’s width.

(b) Bend the left arm in the elbow and put it on the left knee. Do the same for the right. Inhale and remain in the position.

(c) While exhale, push the left knee rightwards with the left hand. Uplift the left heel. Put the left knee on the ground towards the right on the right toes.

(d) At the same time, push the right knee leftwards with the right hand. Do not uplift the right heel. In this position, the pressure of the right thigh will be felt on the left thigh.

(e) Inhale, come back to 4 (b). Exhale, do the same to the opposite.

(f) This is only 2 times. Repeat for 6 times.


5. Tiryak Bhujangasana (Twisting Cobra)
(a) Lie prostrate on abdomen and with feet hips’ width apart. Keep the feet flat on the ground with the toes point backwards. Place your palms on the ground beside the chest. Chin also on the ground.
(b) Inhale, raise your head, shoulders and chest off the ground till your arms become straight (Bend arms for those back pain or stiff)
(c) Exhale, bending the right arm in the elbow and keeping the left arm straight, turn to the left in the waist. Whilst, stretching the neck leftwards as far as possible, try to see the right heel.
(d) Inhale, return to 5(b). Do the same for the opposite.
(e) This is only 2 times. Repeat for 6 times.
6. Kakapada (Crow walking)
(a) Get back to 4(a) position but with knees together and heels off the ground.
(b) Lifting the left foot and step it one foot forward. At the same time, lower the right knee onto the ground. In all movements, the palms should remain press on the knees.
(c) Walk one round around your mat. Breath evenly whilst walking.


Sharing experience on performing master cleansing
I started the practice at 7.00 in the morning, with a yoga mat, loose clothing and well mixed lemon juices. Firstly, I performed one round of practice which contained 6 poses. Then, I drank a cup of lukewarm lemon juice (400ml). In this way, I continue the practice for another 3 rounds. I did not have any urge at the moment, but keep on releasing stomach wind for few times. I went to release the urge for first time after completing 4 rounds. I didn’t feel any stomach pain (unlike diarrhea) but ease of get out of bowel throughout the process. After releasing, I proceed to the 5th round immediately. I went to release for 1 – 2 times subsequently for every one or two rounds performed. In my 8th round, the stools were getting liquid. After that, I visited toilet become more frequent and only water with some particles being passed. The water is yellowish. When come to 10th round, I didn’t take any lemons as I was full. I continued to 11th, then only took my lemon after 11th.
At 10.30 in the morning, I totally performed 13 rounds with 12 cups lemons taken (approximately 4,800ml). I released for totally 11 times whereby for last 2 times, the water looked clear in the colour of light yellow. Thereby, my practice ended here and immediately I get into shavasana for 45 minutes. I covered myself with a blanket to prevent any cold. In order to fully relax in shavasana, I performed Yoga Nidra. I rested with awareness without falling into sleep throughout the practice.
Around 11.30a.m, I get up from rest pose. Then, I prepared rice and pure ghee, which were to be taken afterwards. I also did some light works. I took my first meal at 1p.m. I started drink water as normal at 3p.m. I did not feel tired on the day, however, I took a nap in the evening to allow my whole digestive system revitalize.  I took my second meal at 7p.m. I was away from hectic work on that day, to prevent any mental stress.
On the next day, I resume my usual meal. My diet was pure and simple which included wholesome, rice, vegetables, soya beans, salad ands nuts.  
I started advanced yoga practice and teaching on the 3rd day. Initially, my body was stiff and inflexible (as usual when the practice do in the morning). However, I did not feel weak, but achieved a sense of lightness and a greater energy flow. My mind becomes more aware and focus.


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