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Yoga kids - we are happy, we are good!

Welcome to the Hub of  Yoga for Kids!


We provide a complete Yoga Programme to educate the ‘whole’ child.

In your hands is the chance to give your child develop a strong body, a focus mind, gain respect and love for himself/herself and discover a place of stillness and peace. As we know, successful in academic is important, but, how well they can cope for their study without a strong body and a focus mind?

Yoga for Kids is an award winning programme combining movement, art, music, social learning, group activities, breathing techniques, relaxation and education in fun filled, active classes.

Read more about award winning programme: http://www.allaboutyoga.com.sg/promotions/yogakids.pdf

Also, a 2003 California State University study shows a link between yoga and better learning, improved behaviours, and higher self-esteem.

In Qi Yoga, we believe that children learn best when stress is low, self-esteem is high, and the environment is motivating and nurturing. When teaching children yoga poses, the goal is not to attain the perfect form, or compare oneself with others, but to be aware of the feel of the pose in the moment, and to use the pose as a springboard to learning without tension or expectations. Kids who are relaxed and having fun while learning will succeed in school.
Students quickly learn to use yoga as a tool, not just to increase physical fitness, but also to manage their feelings and behaviours, and to create a mental state ready for learning and taking tests.


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