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Yoga Recipes : Lady's Precious - Beetroot, Skin Moisturizer – Cucumber, Lemon Party, Oat


Lady’s Precious – Beetroot

- Rich in iron. Helpful for those who suffer anemia, vegetarian taker and pregnant women. Good for lady to take before and after menstruation too.
- Helps in menopause and menstrual problem.
- Help in purify the blood
- A good source if fiber to constipation.
- Is a good source of vitamin A (good to improve eye sight)

Yen’s Recipe (for 1 serving)
1 small Beetroot (peel off the skin)
2 pandan leaves
½ of a Lemon (squeeze)
1 small red apple
Blend them together. Do not drink more than 2 glasses (500ml) per day.
*Beets are known for causing both stools and urine to turn red and if this happens, don't be surprised.

Beet Root - Lady's precious 

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Skin Moisturizer – Cucumber

Freshness: Look for dark green cucumber (Japanese)

Juicy and has cooling effect in the body.
Help to achieve healthy skin, hair and nails.

Yen’s Recipe (1 serving)
1 cucumber
½ of a lemon
Mints leaves
1-2 tablespoons Honey (optional)

cucumber used in Yen's recipe Fresh Minth Leaves - freshen your day!


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Lemon Party

- It is an alkaline food (they are alkalizing in your acidic body)
- A good skin whitening agent (A good source of Vitamin C, its cheap compare to skin care! Why don’t u try?)
- Relieves sore throat
- Detox (relieves constipation)
- Relieve hiccups (can be solved by doing yogi breathing too!!)

Lemon Party!!

Yen's Recipe:
Squeeze ½ of a lemon into a cup/ shaker
Add in 1 tablespoon of pure honey
Mixed with warm water
Drink in an empty stomach in the morning (Can help in keep fit too). For optimum result, take your breakfast after an hour (or at least ½ hour).

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Believe me or not? Every one in two people suffer constipation in daily life.
Wheat Germ, Wheat bran and Oat Bran


- They are the outer layer of the oat grain.

- Give you 100 percent of the natural fiber you need and rich in minerals.
- Help maintain normal bowel function
- Relieve occasional constipation, such as caused by changes in dietary habits or travel.
- They are low carbohydrate. Ideal for those who desire to maintain or lose weight.
- Help in reduce cholesterol and prevent cancer.

Yen’s Recipe:
Pour in hot water in a cup of oat (can be mixed with all of the 3 above). Add in brown sugar/ raisin to make yourself a delicious cup of breakfast or supper.

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