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Complete Yoga for Kids Programme

Our YogaKids Complete Yoga Programme uses the benefits of yoga and movement to maximize the learning process:

· Partner and group poses require students to work together as a team, creating positive social interaction.

· Balancing poses build focus and concentration.

· Some yoga exercises can help students relax, calming pre-test tension.

· Other, more invigorating yoga techniques are useful for waking up a sluggish mind before class.

· Yoga offers children healthy ways to express their emotions and unleash their imagination, rather than bottling them up or striking out.

· Slow, even, “belly breaths” short-circuit the fight-or-flight response to stress, and promote a more relaxed, comfortable state.

· A non-competitive yoga atmosphere where everyone can succeed fosters a can-do attitude and confidence.

· Yoga can be used to teach concepts and content in science, language arts, social studies, math, music, art, body anatomy and more.