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Qi Yoga Studio - Yen, Certified Yoga Instructor and Teacher

Yen graduated with advanced diploma in Accounting and ACCA from Tar College in 2005. During her time in college, she began her yoga practice. After graduating, she followed a challenging auditing path and later a lecturer. To relieve health related problems which were getting serious, she started to attend yoga classes regularly and had daily self practice. She found that, intensive practice could relieve her health problems and realised that yoga was the path to healthy living and peace.

She began teacher training (300-hour certification) in 2006 and at the same time entered a two years apprenticeship with her master, she has been teaching full time ever since.
In 2008, Yen completed her Sun Yoga kids teacher certification under the guidance of Elaine Stewart Ng. Yen is fortunate to has assisted Elaine Ng in teaching yoga kids classes. Over the years, Yen has been traveling to many yoga studios and kindergartens to teach yoga for kids at different ages.
In order to explore pure yoga and life in yoga ashram, Yen traveled to the sacred place of yoga, India, in 2009. She has completed her Diploma In Yogic Study (500-hour certification) from Yoga Point University. She feels incredibly blessed to be carrying the light of yoga to enlighten her yoga path as well as her students. Within the year, she began working with Qi Yoga.
Yen continues to enrich her study of yoga from various lineages and has accumulated over 600 hours of teacher training. In 2011, she made her yoga journey to Texas to study with Judith Lasater (anatomy and kinesiology), Sadie Nardini (core vinyasa), Donna Farhi (Intensive yoga) and Christina Sell (Anusara yoga).
In 2012, Yen joined the staff of Qi Yoga Teacher Training. Here, she participates in yoga teacher training programming, teaches teachers-in-training. Yen loves to teach those who want to deepen their yoga practice, experience the subtleties of yoga, and are interested in teaching yoga.
Yen’s root in yoga are definitely in the traditional Hatha method but her favorite is vinyasa flow. In Yen’s class you will find a focus on alignment and modifications as well as geared toward personal discovery, through focused physical and mental attention. Using humor and compassion, Yen makes yoga accessible, playful, lighthearted and fun. Yen is a registered USA Yoga Alliance teacher at 200 hours (E-RYT)



Christine S'ng

Qi Yoga Studio - Teacher


Christine S'ng was introduced to Hatha yoga in 2006 as a way to get and stay healthy. She earned her 100-hour MAYI teacher certification and began teaching in 2009. Around this time, she enrolled in a 3- day Radiant Child Yoga Program with Fezia Tyebally. She continued to build her practice and strengthen her teaching through studying Iyengar Yoga tradition and has completed 100-hour Iyengar Teacher Training Course. Alignment, flexibility and breathing works are all elements of the practice that resonated with her.



Qi Yoga Studio, Bukit Mertajam - Certified Yoga Teacher: Ong Ong began her Hatha Yoga practice in 2007 looking for a way to get a little exercise. She was instantly hooked on deep breathing and discovered that deep breathing technique helps in easing her labour pain when giving birth to her second child.
Keeping up with a regular practice for its physical benefits initially, she gradually experienced benefits beyond any expectations she ever had. Not only did she get the exercise she sought, but she found calmness and patience in situations that normally frustrated her, tolerance where she was used to feeling anger, and focus and efficiency in the midst of harried deadlines. She believes that yoga is a path of bliss, which can give us infinite happiness, perfect peace and contentment.
A recent graduate of Qi Yoga Teacher Training with Yen, she is a certified teacher of USA Yoga Alliance at 200-hour level in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow style.
Ong provides beginners yoga with focus on the principles of alignment. She thinks that through practice, we can all share the positive benefits of yoga and she aspires to offer that to each student she meets.
Join me for slower-paced Vinyasa Flow with mindful transitions between poses and a constant exploration of your breath and most importantly, a healthier, wealthier, more joyful self.


Elaine Ng

Qi Yoga Studio, Bukit Mertajam, Penang - New Yoga Teacher: Elaine Ng

I have been experiencing the benefits of Hatha Yoga since 2007 and recently graduated from Qi Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Yen.
I am a certified teacher of USA Yoga Alliance at 200-hour level in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow style.
Through experience, I believe in incorporating different modalities to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Personally, yoga practice has supported me get through many stressful situations.





Qi Yoga Studio, Bukit Mertajam, Penang - New Yoga Teacher: YC


I started practicing yoga since 2009 to gain fitness. At first, I thought yoga was just an exercise that involves stretching, arching and bending. I never expected that yoga practice also includes breathing and meditation. Practicing deep breathing and meditation reduce the episodes of insomnia which I have been suffering for years. Besides, it helps to de-stress and I feel refreshed after each yoga class.
Yoga really amazes me. It has given me more than what I expected. Yoga is a never ending learning process.
In 2013, I had taken up 200-hour Yoga Alliance USA Teacher Training Programme organised by Qi Yoga School to deepen my understanding of yoga and to share my path of yoga with others. I will continue to practice yoga as it enlightened me.



Qi Yoga Studio, Bukit Mertajam, Penang - New Yoga Teacher: Nyioh

Nyioh is a simple guy who enjoys practicing yoga since his first experience in 2006. He loves every part of yoga and by bringing yoga into his life, he finds calm and stillness.
He had been experiencing car sickness especially during long distance travel. However, the unpleasant symptom is gone since he started practice yoga.
To deepen his yoga practice, Nyioh traveled to India in 2011 and has successfully completed his 200-hour Teacher Training Program at Verkala. From then on, he began to share his practice with his friends, family and colleagues.

Personally Nyioh takes yoga practice as an active meditation, it integrates one’s body and mind in the moment. Yoga helps people find spiritual-reality balance in their life.
Nyioh believes that yoga practice is more than sweating, chanting and breathing, it covers more than the area of the yoga mat.

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