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Who We Are

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Qi Yoga school is a USA Yoga Alliance registered yoga school offering regular classes, teacher training course, yoga workshops, yoga retreat, private class and yoga for kids class. This is a place for people to experience pure yoga. We believe in a holistic approach to the study of traditional yoga, giving our practitioners a complete yoga education, as well as bringing in certified teachers not merely with profound experiences, but who live their life in a yogi way.

You will not find everlasting joy from jumping and sweating on a mat. We teach yoga in its most original form. Our teaching combining yoga philosophy, asanas (poses), body alignment and adjustment, cleansing techniques, pranayama (special breathing techniques) and meditation.

We maintain a small class size to promote greater individual focus and comfort. We strive to improve the effectiveness of students practice.


Our classes are differentiated into various styles to fulfill different needs in modern city. The studio is fully equipped with props, including sticky mats, wooden blocks and straps. High quality yoga mats and props are also available for sale.

So do come and experience with us, whichever stage you are at in your practice. There is space for all at Qi Yoga.


Qi Yoga Studio - gives you peace of mind!

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